Monthly Rations

Monthly Ration Relief

Our Trust also distributes Rations every month to needy families in which most of them are poor widows. By the grace of Almighty & with the Help of Wali-e-Asr, currently Trust supports 45 families by distributing rations to the needy. The Items includes are Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Tea, Pulses, Oil etc.

Mahe Ramzan Ration Relief

During the holy month of Ramadhan, Muslims worldwide try to attain nearness to Allah through increased obedience to His commands. Especially for the more affluent among us, one of the benefits of fasting is to remember those who are less fortunate and experience pangs of hunger all year round. If an affluent Muslim is challenged by fasting from dawn to dusk, what must be the feeling of those who are always struggling to put food on the table? How hard must fasting be for a believer who could not afford to provide a nutritious Eftar for his family.

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You can contribute by way of Sponsoring a family for monthly ration for just Rs.1500/- a month