Jaffery Madressa

Our Madressa is Located in the East Mumbai (Kurla -West) – in INDIA at a place called as “Haji Nazarali Imambada”. We have been running this Madressa since 25 years and up till now 4000 numbers of students have been benefited from this Madressa. As on date 71 Boys and 68 Girls are studying in this Madressa. Our Madressa runs from Monday to Saturday after Namaz-e-Magrabain for an hour. During these 6 days there are 3 sessions of Quran and 3 sessions of Dinyaat. We have been imparting this teaching in 4 groups due to shortage of Manpower.

The Students of our Madressa are from different backgrounds and different mediums like Urdu, Hindi and English. The main Aim of our Madressa is that every child in our community should at least learn Quran recitation and should have proper Knowledge of Shia belief (Aqaed).

Few years back when we came across Madressa syllabus we found it as an awesome work. Alhamdulillah it is an excellent syllabus as lots of efforts and hard work is done by Madressa people, Jazakallah. That’s the reason we took the permission for using the Madressa syllabus in our Jaffery Madressa. Since then we have been using Madressa syllabus in our Madressa for imparting the teaching of Islam.