History / Timeline

History / Timeline

History / Timeline

Quran Khani for ladies

Trust started Quran Khani for ladies and Islamic classes for Ladies and Alhamdulillah’s since last 2 years this is started. Alhumdolillah more than 160+ ladies comes for Quran Khani daily.


Newly re-developed Haji Nazarali Imambarga Inaugurated

Alhumdolillah Almighty has answered all believers prayers and with efforts of Team Vision including our trust members; on 20th March 2016 the newly re-developed Haji Nazarali Imambargah of 20000 Sq.ft with multiple floors for Ladies and Gents was re-opened for all our believers and religious activities with all modern facilities at Large. The Imambargah was inaugurated by Syed Muhammed Musawi (Muasawi Saab) and Haji Asgar Moledina (President – World Federation)


Re-development of Nazarali Imambargah

Trust coordinated a lot for the re-development of Nazarali Imambargah with various authorities and after continuous efforts of 8 long years, on 22nd August 2013 with the blessed hands of Maulana Ahmedali Abidi Saab and Marhoom Haji Yusufali Panjwani along with Janab Razaali Hirjee, the foundation stone was laid down for the re-development of Nazarali Imambargah. This was supported by the KSI Jamaat Mumbai and World Federation.


Madressa Expansion out of Mumbai

Trust took the initiative and spread the wings of Madress at Jawrah at Madhya Pradesh, and at Basan in Rajasthan and also at various remote villages at Kolkata. Currently Jaffery Trust operates and runs 47 Madrassa with 2500+ students acquiring knowledge of Quran and Ahlebait absolutely Free. Late Yusufali J Panjwani use to travel every year to distribute books, bags and other required items of day to day to remote villages.


Sponsoring students for Education

Trust started sponsoring students for Education purposes. Trust also started distributing start-up kits to students like School Bag, Books, Shoes and other stationery required by the students for Educations purposes.  Every year Trust sponsors about 200-250 students.  Felicitation of Children’s of Shia Ishna Ashari community who scored more them 75% was done


Iftar for Madressa Students

Trust coordinated to start practice of getting the Iftar for Momeneen including madressa students during the month of Ramzan and this is how daily iftar at Nazarali Imambargah started since 2002 and goes on year after year.


Namaze Jamaat Started

Trust started Namaze Jamaat at Nazarali imambargah along with the support of Haji Safder Karmali and with this other Religious programs started during Month of Rajab, M.Shaban and M. Ramazan.


Computer classes started

Trust started computer classes for community people in the name of JAFFERY COMPUTER ACADEMY. Many of community students who were not able to afford the high fees of computers were benefited by this academy as very nominal fee of Rs.100/- per month was charged.


Distributing of Rations to poor

Trust started supporting widows with monthly ration, initially there were some 20 families to whom he use to support with the help of his friends by giving them ration throughout the year. Alhumdolillah till date that work is going on and currently the trust supports 70 families with approximately 300+ poor, needy, widows and Orphans.



Various religious activities

We started the Rajab Niaz at Imambargah, Jashn on 15th Shaban and Jashn of Ghadeer. Picnic for Students, Felicitation on being in the merit were also started. Alhumdolillah the activities what he started is still going on till date and increasing day on day.


Students Welfare Trust Founded

The growth of the Jaffery Madressa was on new fronts but to motivate students on their educational background Yusuf ali J Panjwani laid a foundation of another trust especially for the education of the deserving and the needy students called as “STUDENTS WELFARE TRUST” Focus of this trust was to support students with Books, Bags, Fees and uniforms. Alhumdolillah the trust has helped lot of students who has succeeded in their life and become CA`s, MBA, Doctors, Engineers, Technical courses etc.  The trust still continuous this work and currently supports 2200 students every year with School kits, Uniforms, Books Bag etc. With the same vision, current trustees have taken the mission forward and also helps students for higher education by giving them interest free loans.


Madressa Syllabus Made

Jaffery Madressa had made their initial syllabus wherein out of 6 days (Monday to Saturday) 3 days (Mon, Wed, Fri) the Teaching of Holy Quran was given and 3 days (Tue, Thu, Sat) the Religious teaching (dinyat) was started.

The Jaffery Madressa teaching syllabus also underwent a comprehensive revision in the taught subjects of Tareekh, Fiqh, Akhlaq Aqaayad and Holy Qur’an, which still remain at the core of the Jaffery Madressa system today. The teaching material is constantly being revised to keep it up to date, and new teaching methods have been introduced


40 Moharram Majalis Started

Since inception of Nazarali Imambargah ie. From 1921 the only activity happening in Nazarali Imambargah was 13 days Majlees in Moharram, 2 Eid Namaz and aamal of Shabe Qadr.

Mr. Yusufali Panjwani took the initiative to commence Majlees from 1st of Moharram and upto 40th of Moharram. Initially due to financial constrain he use to do Majlees by hiring Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) and Television (TV). He also laid down the foundation of Sawab-e-Jaria Majlees Fund wherein on every Shabe Juma, Shahadat of Masoomeen (as) Majlees is conducted at Nazarali Imambargah, and also use to do Mehfil on the occasion of Wiladat of 14 Masoomeen (as).


Distributing Gifts

In order to boost the morale of the student’s Trust started distributing Gifts to the students on the occasion of Wiladat of our Beloved Prophet (s.a.w.w) so as to give them support by providing items which are useful in their day to day activity


Distributing Eid-Clothes

From the year Jaffery Madressa was founded they started distributing yearly gift; a pair of Eid Clothes to the students of Madrassa as majority of Students were from Lower Middle class and poor class. Today (as on 2020) Jaffery Trust distributes 2,500 pair of Eid clothes every year with the support of Momeneen.


Students increases

Within very short span of time more than 125 boys and girls use to attend the Jaffery Madrassa daily to acquire knowledge of Holy Quran and Deeniyaat absolutely free.


Madressa at Haji Nazarali Imambada

Due to increasing number of Students and also the space constraints at his residence, Late Hamza Bhai opened the doors of Haji Nazarali Imambargah for Yusufali Panjwani to start a full fledged Madressa for both Boys and Girls.

With this foundation of JAFFERY WELFARE TRUST & Jaffery Madrassa was layed at Nazarali Imambargah Kurla. He was supported by his Sister Marhooma Mariyam bai and His brother in law Late Haji Roshan S Panjwani.  Mr Suleman Merchant was also a part of this Madrassa and this is how the journey started at Kurla.


Jaffery Madressa Founded

Late Jafferali Hasanali Panjwani started Madrassa at their residence where more than 50 boys and girls use to come.