Sponsor a Scholl Kit

SWT primarily focus on supporting students & to promote the education (both religious & worldly) reflecting their identity and culture. SWT believes education can bring a difference in life & enable students to plan a better future and build their self esteem. SWT sponsor’s students by providing school materials, study materials, school books, uniforms fees stationery etc.  SWT is concerned with effectively supporting educational growth from many perspectives and is optimistic regarding education. SWT strongly believes that education will be the key to development for any Community, Society and the Nation.  SWT gives the opportunity to deserving students pursue higher education either through charitable donations, sponsorship or other initiative like education loan in co-ordination with other trust


In every year SWT felicitate those students who secure more than 75% in the last academic year. You will be glad to know that every year the numbers of students securing distinction are increasing by 20-25%. This is one of the ways we encourage and appreciate students. Another positive from our initiative is that female’s students are now more than male students which indicate towards the positive sign in shrinkage of the gender gap in Education sector.

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Success Stories:

SWT has sponsored directly/Indirectly for School, College and Technical Courses Fees. It also supported directly/Indirectly for education loan for various IT Courses, MBA and MBBS and providing monthly fees for Schools last 2yrs


Your support will enable us to change more futures and touch further lives to the benefit of generations to come.  As a sponsor or getting a sponsor for the noble task, you can help their potential and transform their families’


We have sponsorship scheme which allows us to transform a student future and empower  their family; this includes books, stationery, bag etc. Any excess amount collected by the trust from the sponsorship scheme will be utilized for activities of the trust.