Out of the various activities of Jaffery Welfare Trust, one of the most important activities is to Orgainze Majalis of Sayyadus Shoda Hazrat Imam Husein (as).

Trust contributes and co-ordinates to organize Majalis during the entire month of Moharram and Safar till 8th Rabbil Awwal. Prominent Aalims and Zakirs are invited to recite Majalis. Initiallydue to lack of funds Majalis used to be conducted through CD`s and TV. Trust also conducts Majalis on every Thursday and also on the occasion of shahadat and wiladat of Masoomeen (as). During the year there are various occasions wherein the Niyaz (Food) is served to Mo’meneen.

You can sponsor a Majalis for your Marhoomeen for just Rs.1000/– *. A Majlis can be performed on Thursday / Shahadat –Wiladat of Masoomeen (as).

Trust has formed a Majlis Fund wherein the contribution done by donors will be accumulated and corpus to be developed. The income coming out of the corpus fund / Majlis fund will be utilized for Majlis/Nyaz etc and this way a one time donation of INR 5000/- or USD 
$ 100 can help the Marhoom to get the sawab during the entire year